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Residents, lawmakers react after black smoke pours from facility during emergency bypass

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NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah — A North Salt Lake resident captured video of black smoke polluting their neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The culprit? A medical waste incinerator. Stericycle blames it on a power outage, calling it an emergency bypass.

Soot and flames are released from the medical waste incinerator’s smoke stacks during power outages. The company claims they average six a year, but it’s just five months into 2014 and residents have already counted four incidents.

“When is enough enough?” asks Alicia Connell with Communities for Clean Air.

She said, until Stericycle leaves North Salt Lake, something needs to be done about stopping the incinerator from releasing any more pollution from its smoke stacks.

“We know it was a power outage, we know why it happened, the concern now is: How can we stop it from happening until they can get moved to their new facility?” asked Connell…

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Overworked city sewers push water back up into Village Cafe

[ooyala code=”djangwbjrvS0Qsw60d8vo4IzArvphRx3″ player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]West End mom Holly Saunders says it’s by far the worst thing she’s ever driven through.

Bar managers at the popular Village Cafe say the flooding is something they’re getting used to.

When our cameras got there, the water was receding on Interstate 95. But pictures Holly Saunders took minutes before tell a story of storm drains overflowing.  “Once I hit the city it unleashed and all three lanes were stopped,” said Saunders.  “Water was pouring from 95 south to 95 north.”

And the flooding in the fan was just as bad.  “It was five feet over the curb,” said Village Cafe bar manager Chris Brumfield.  He says they’re getting used to and prepared for scenes like this.

A waitress shot video during the storm as the intersection of Harrison and Grace Streets began swelling with water.  “A large amount of rain in a short period of time…

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Antidepressants: Suicide and Violence

The Harley Factor

It seems to be the way of things these days to medicate for almost any emotional or behavioral problem. Most Doctors and psychiatrists are all too happy to prescribe mind altering drugs to anyone who asks for them in the form of antidepressants. This trend seems to be causing more problems than they solve by causing violent and suicidal actions by those taking these drugs. What happened to laying on the couch of a Phychiatrist and talking about your problems? Now they just write a prescription and send you on your way. Of course, they have you make another appointment so you can get another prescription. This makes me believe it’s all about the $$$$.

I think we forget that depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity are just a part of everyday life. No one goes thru life without times of sorrow, stress, or even fear sometimes. Instead of working thru these times we are pushed by many…

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