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Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy says the NSA spying scandal could lead to government control of the people if left unchecked

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 Clearly misunderstanding the Constitutional issues millions of Americans have with the NSA spying scandal Barack Obama addressed the American people last Friday and told us the program will go on whether we like it or not, but in order to make us feel better about this the Federal government will no longer store the information, a private corporation store the data instead. The issue at hand is not where the information is stored but rather whether or not the information should be gathered in the first place, that is what Barack Obama does not seem to understand.

  This is about an overreaching Federal government which feels unencumbered by the Constitution or for the privacy rights of its citizens, this is something that Barack Obama might not understand (or care about)  but Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy does understand–to a point. 

  Here is what he recently had to say about the…

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Homeless Disappearances Exposed: Depopulation Agenda Has Begun – Shipping them to FEMA Camps?!

Reality Of Christ

Under the radar from the prying eyes of the public, city’s have made it legal to get rid of the homeless by passing laws that refrain citizens from distributing food to them in public places and furthermore not allowing them to reside in public places. This has already begun in California and South Carolina and will only be a matter of time before it hits a city near you. Could this be a pre-curser to the governments depopulation agenda starting with the homeless…. the people nobody pays attention to?

Shockingly, numerous homeless persons have been disappearing across the country but nobody seems to know where they are going or who is taking them? Are they being rounded-up? Has the government initiated their depopulation agenda starting with the homeless? After all the government has been known to use people as test subjects unwillingly. They did it with Project Chatter, Project BlueBird…

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The Iron and the Clay

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The Iron and the Clay

Posted on January 19, 2014 by icliks

The kingdom of the antichrist is described in scripture as part iron and part clay, but that these will not cleave to one another. The presence of these elements is probably derived from the fact that the kingdom is Lucifer’s final (and most successful attempt to rule mankind), but that the kingdom won’t stand. This kingdom is the devil’s attempt to subvert and co-opt the blessing of God on his Church.

Lucifer attempted to subvert the blessing in the garden of Eden, and then again when he sent his fallen angels to earth to co-mingle with the daughters of men (Gen 6:4). The result of this co-mingling was a “serpent race” that ruled over mankind before the Great Flood. There is considerable evidence for this, but for the current point it should just be said that the existence…

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Canada: Halifax Rec Center Bows Down To Sharia Law, Segregates Men And Woman To Avoid Offending Muslim Man

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For peaceful, misogynistic purposes …

Hadith, Bukhari 5096, “[Muhammad said] The worst sin and distraction from virtue that I have left for man is woman”

sonja-power-2By Kris Sims, The Toronto Sun – “Politicians are scrambling to put a brave face on an ugly situation at a Halifax recreation centre.

Sonja Power, 17, was on the cusp of earning her black belt in Aikido at a Halifax dojo when a new man joined the class. He refused to be in contact with women or to spar with any of the female students.

Power and the other women were told to stay on one side of the room and not to approach the Muslim man to respect his faith.

‘I felt like a second class citizen, that I was so disgusting and unworthy that this man doesn’t even want to interact with me,’ Power told QMI Agency. ‘It doesn’t make any sense…

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Eisenhower’s Meeting With Alien’s (MUST SEE) . . . more info comes to light :) ~J

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I posted this sometime ago, but I couldn’t find it when I wanted it! Thanks to whomever shared it with Robert! Hugs, ~Jean

Uploaded on Feb 28, 2012

Henry W. McElroy, Jr, retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, declared that former U.S. President Eisenhower was briefed about the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth. McElroy also said that the document he viewed while at the State Legislature made reference to the opportunity for Eisenhower to meet the alien visitors.

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