After months of waiting for a transplant, 4-year-old girl receives Gift of Hope

Thank You Jesus

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SALT LAKE CITY — FOX 13 News introduced you to 4-year-old Lily in September. She was born with a disease that led to total organ failure , and over the years her health improved except for her kidneys.

When we first met Lily, she had been waiting for a donor for months, but now the young girl has undergone the transplant after a living donor came forward.

Lily and her family are from Caldwell, Idaho. But they have been living at the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City since June as they waited for a donor.

Her mother, Amanda Steward, got proactive and found a donor on Facebook in October –that living donor is Jennifer Allen. The two met after Jennifer was tested and was a match.

“I met her that night, and it was the most amazing feeling… it was overflowing with love, and just…

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