Meteor/Fireball Superstorms Hit the Earth – Dramatic Increase Within 2014 WTH is Going On?

Meteor/Fireball Superstorms Hit the Earth  Dramatic Increase Within 2014 WTH is Going On?

It is  raining down fireballs like never before, with their rate apparently increasing exponentially.

According to American Meteor Society’s (AMS) ‘Fireball Logs’, a database where eyewitnesses have been submitting reports of fireball events in the U.S.
The AMS does subsequent checks to verify events with the All-Sky Fireball Camera Network set up by NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO)  and other observation networks.
Their stats are remarkable, the numbers just keep going up and up, and at an ever increasing rate!

keeping and media coverage of this phenomenon is shocking, especially given how extraordinary the phenomenon is and whatever it may portend for civilization, sometime in the future, if not immediately.
Using the AMS data, which begins in 2005, creating  the following tables to give readers a visual for what’s going on.

The real numbers are probably much higher because the above only represents what has been reported and seen in the US alone.
So it is not stretching to suggest that the real numbers for the US, as well as for the planet as a whole, are far more impressive than what you can see in those charts.
And if we take a look at the number of newly discovered Near Earth Objects (NEOs), we see a similar dramatic increase:

But it doesn’t stop there, the whole solar system seems to be undergoing a change, with the weakest solar cycle in 100 years, new bodies being discovered beyond Neptune and, bizarrely, the tally of Jupiter’s moons going up and down, apparently randomly.

Could at least some, if not all, of the major events that have happened around the world in recent years be connected to this increase in fireballs?

Some truly astounding things have been happening right in front of our eyes…
mystery booms’, sinkholes, floods, mass animal deaths, ‘strange sky sounds’,
extreme and unusual weather patterns all over the place, revolutions and wars,
social chaos, big earthquakes and tsunamis… all on a scale never seen in the ‘modern’ era.

This small selection of fireball events in 2014  reveal a clear message, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out: the ‘sky gods’ are angry!

Where will this lead to?
Nobody knows for sure, but if our true history shows us one thing, it’s that when a civilization is thoroughly corrupted and infected by psychopaths in power, to the extent we’re seeing in our world today,
and when people just sit back and allow it to happen, our environment seems to respond in a rather unpleasant way, to say the least.


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