Potholes popping up all over the St. Louis area


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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Tuesday`s spring-like temperatures are forcing potholes to pop up all over the St. Louis area.

They have an ambitious plan to help solve the problem.

But just know, when you climb behind the wheel of your vehicle and tool around town you’re bound to hit a pothole or two.

Some drivers are caught off guard by the craters.

It doesn`t matter where you drive, you`re bound to hit a pothole, they`re all over the place.

There are 15 crews following a strategic system, plugging the annoying holes, one after the other.

And while it may seem as if there are more than usual, that isn`t necessarily the case.

No matter how many potholes there are drivers are thankful something is being done to get rid of them.

If you run over a pot hole be sure to report it to the city streets…

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