Disturbing loud booms in Georgia unsettling peoples nerves

Disturbing loud booms in Georgia unsettling peoples nerves

December 13, 2012

Mysterious loud booms have the people in Georgia wondering if they are safe. Nobody seems to know where they are coming from. Upstanding people from all walks of life are calling public officials to report them. Columbia County officials are reporting the booms themselves. Some blasts are so loud people are awakened from their sleep, they sound like explosions or thunder Reports are coming in from Rome and across the state as far as Savannah.

Some residents are reporting their houses are shaking and cracks in the cement

Officials have check with rock quarries and construction companies and so far no physical evidence can be found for the tremendous noise that is causing people to quake in their own homes. Other citizens from neighboring southern cities in Arizona, Alabama and Texas are now flooding in, the same such noise to officials. People are afraid to sleep at night and people are gathering up preparedness supplies.

Officials are still gathering details

http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/image_content_width/hash/02/20/1355419582_3687_timthumb.jpg?itok=mqA6DonpThe search for answers continues. Rhode Island is the next state to have its residents complaining about these unexplained booms. The only details so far, the loud booms began December 4, 2012 around midnight and are still occurring. Seismologists have been brought into the investigations of the series of booms. Fire departments and the police departments are working overtime all over Georgia to cover the calls and report the details. A process of elimination is ongoing. Marine crews have even taken to the water.

The unprecedented and simultaneous booms

Some leaks are saying that stress of the pole shift is causing the loud rumbling booms are from plate movements, and may explain the new cracks people in the area are reporting in their driveways and property. So far nothing physical has been reported as the cause of the loud booms and rumblings being above ground. It was thought that underground gas could be a problem so just about every department has been called in to figure out the mystery of the unexplained events.

Report any unexplained loud booms with time and any evidence to your local authorities.


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