Nibiru Has Been Sought After By Many Psychics And Soothsayers Here For The First Time After Hundreds Of Years The Secret Prophecies Of Mother Shipton Regarding Nibiru Are Being Revealed.
Nibiru is a subject that many walks of life have attempted to understand. But recently I came across a video. Which spoke of the connection between Nibiru and the Prophecies of a Prophetess. The name of this prophetess is none other then Mother Shipton. Mother Shipton was born in Norfolk England UK. In the year 1488. Even as a child. Mother Shipton exhibited powerful psychic abilities. This would continue to increase throughout her life. She married in her 20s. But in her life time. Unknown to most scholars. Mother Shipton wrote some of the worlds most powerful prophecies. Some of which point to the arrival of PlanetX Nibiru. But these prophecies would remain unseen by most of the world. Hidden in a secret room. In the archives of the Mitchell Library. The State Library of New South Wales . Located in Sydney Australia. How these handwritten Prophecies got there is still unknown. These Prophecies were snuck out. And painfully hand transcribed by a woman who wants to remain anonymous. Could these Prophecies reveal hidden secrets about Nibiru ?
Nibiru is definitely very fascinating. But so to is the story of how these Prophecies. That may reveal detailed events about PlanetX Nibiru’s arrival. Eventually made it to Public view. Making their first appearance in Nexus Magazine in 1995. But there is an interesting twist. In the video above. It is revealed that Mother Shipton. Believed that the alien life accompanying Nibiru. Would not be evil but in fact good. This definitely flys in the face of all the doomsayers. Who proclaim those same Aliens of  Planet X Nibiru are in fact evil. One thing is for certain. These Prophecies of Mother Shipton definitely seem to point to the arrival of Nibiru.
One of the lines in Mother Shipton’s Prophecies reads “ Then Upside Down The World Shall Be “. Could this prophecy be pointing to Nibiru causing a Pole Shift here on Planet Earth? Mother Shipton Prophecies many things. Including the invention of email. The invention of the automobile. She even accurately predicts the California Gold Rush of 1849. so then is it that far fetched that she accurately predicted the arrival of Nibiru ? These are just to name a few. She also accurately predicts: The Womens Rights Movement, World War 2, The American Civil War And even the line from the modern movie wall-street “ Greed Is Good “ But the most troubling thing she speaks of has yet come to pass. That is the arrival of PlanetX Nibiru. Which she refers to as the “ Fiery Dragon “


In one of the lines in Mother Shipton’s Prophetic writings. She states “ A Fiery Dragon Shall Cross The Sky Six Times Before The Earth Shall Die “. Could this “ Fiery Dragon “ be none other then PlanetX Nibiru ? She also states that “ For Seven Days And Seven Nights Man Shall Watch This Awesome Site “. This very well could be the arrival of Planet Nibiru and the blue and red kachinas. Following this she states “ Half The World Drenched In Blood Shall Die “. This sounds a lot like the aftermath of Planet Nibiru interfering with Planet Earth. Another line of Mother Shipton’s Prophecy reads “ Tides Rising In Unimaginable Heights Destroying All Shore Lines “. This is what would take place if Nibiru caused a massive earth wobble. “ Mountains World Wide Will Begin To Roar “. We now are getting reports along with sound recordings of mysterious earth groans. From the United States. All the way to Russia. People are recording awful groaning sounds that seem to come out of no where. These too may be the effects of Nibiru. Another verse from Mother Shiptons Prophecy reads “ Earthquakes Split The Plane And Shore “. Could Mankind survive such upheaval ? She also warns the reader. That “ The Gods “ will if need be bring this fiery dragon back. Could these in Gods in fact not be Gods at all ? Could these Gods be super advanced Extraterrestrial life somehow controlling the orbit of Nibiru?
Not all is lost to Nibiru according to her Prophecies. Mother Shipton speaks of a second silver dragon. Of which is inhabited by advanced alien life. Could these actually be the Annunaki of PlanetX Nibiru ? In her prophecy. She tells how these children of Nibiru. Will actually help and aide mankind. According to Shipton. These children of Nibiru will interbreed with the sons of man to help advance mankind. She calls them the “ Children Of Second Site “ and proclaims they will lead mankind into a Nibiruian golden age. But is it possible that the Annunaki. Somehow planted this information into the mind of Mother Shipton hundreds of years ago. In order to gain trust and have mankind with its guard down. Willingly awaiting the arrival of our Nibiru saviors from space. Just to hoodwink us and hit us even harder then we could have imagined ? One thing is for sure. Mother Shipton’s Prophecies speak of Nibiru. Is she a mad woman ? Or was she trying to warn us and tell us the truth about Nibiru? Tell us what you think share your thoughts and comments below.



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